All Formats are Flighted with Handicap 

The Fun and Funky One Day Series is geared to help welcome ladies to tournament golf. These events are fun, two are played with a team, and you can even have some give me's in these formats! Grab your best golfing gals and try one of these events out!

1, 2, 3, 4, Best Balls

This is 4 person team event where you count 1 Best Ball on the Par 5's, 2 Best Balls on Par 4's, 3 Best Balls on Par 3's throughout the round. 

2 Best Balls of the Foursome

This is a 4 person team in which the best 2 balls on each hole will count for the team score.


An individual format in which the player accumulates points per hole instead of strokes.  In this game you want more points not the lowest score!  You earn points by the score you make on each hole.  

The points are as follows:
  Bogey 1 Point, Par 2 Points, Birdie 3 Points, Eagle 4 Points, Albatross  5 Points

There is also a Net Competition within as well.  For example:  If a player makes a 6 on a Par 4 and receives one stroke for their handicap then their NET score is 5.  So the player would receive 1 POINT for a PAR.

Come on out with your friends and enjoy our philosophy of Fun, Friends, Fitness and Fresh Air !